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My Story

Raised in New York City I realized there was so much opportunity if you were determined and worked hard with the right intention. Many of my paths were opened because of my mindset and strong yet humble character. I learned that there are more things you can control in your life than you can even imagine, including your success.


Today, my success is helping you realize how dynamic and powerful you already are with tools to help you optimize communication and understand the power of your presence. Everyone is a Leader, either by choice or default. All interactions present the opportunity to lead and have a positive impact on those around you. Great leaders are not only able to inspire, motivate and bring out greatness in others, but also in themselves. For over 15 years I have worked in multiple heath care systems, as a clinical and administrative program leader facilitating dynamic teams. My ability to enhance communication and promote healthy and trusting working environments has propelled my leadership success.


Now, as an executive professional coach, I use my experience to support small businesses and  individuals looking to enhance their lives, their success and their teams.  

You create your presence and have the ability to immensely impact and effectively manage teams and drive positive results. The key to communicate effectively is fostered by understanding yourself, your emotions and your ability to listen and understand others. 

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