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Professional coaching helps clients shift from functional or even highly functional to becoming optimal in multiple areas of ther lives.  I facilitate clients to achieve and execute their goals by focusing on self-awareness and energetic presence in their personal and professional lives.  My goal is to help foster your greater potential to accomplish both small and large achievements.  I develop unique packages and programs for individuals as well as corporate clients based on the goals and vision of the client.  I help teams regain trust and foster more authentic communication skills.  I help leaders enhance their presence and become more authentic and effective within their roles.

Energy Leadership Index 360 Assessment

Consists of a 70 question assessment that measures your leadership presence based on your level of consciousness, perception, and engagement in different areas of your life. The assessment shows your reactions to stressors so that you can recognize them and, if desired, modify them. You can learn to elevate your attitude and perspective, and influence the attitude of others as well.  Included with the assessment is a personalized report that I personally review with you in a 90-minute one to one session.

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